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I recently received this green/blue mason flask. I've done some research, but I couldn't find one that looks exactly like mine. This one has a seam line from the top , down the edges ,through the bottom, and up the other side. This one doesn't seem to have any marking on the bottom of it. It kind of feels like there might a circle-ish seal on the bottom of it. You can kind of see the ridge of it on one side of the bottom glass but not on the other. It just might have been made like that, or the seal might of worn off? I wondering about the value and if you could tell me anything else about it. It looks a lot more worn this most of the pictures of this type of bottle I have seen. I know it isn't perfect , just curious.


  • Welcome to the forum - you an authentic earlier 19th century flask - this is McKearin mold GIV-28 (group 4, #28)

    There appears to be a faint pontil mark on the base - sometimes they are like this.

    This one has a good strong color - often they are paler - which adds to the value. The "high point wear" seems fairly significant which hurts the value. Any small flakes in the glass, even if very small, also affect what someone would pay.

    Value-wise I am thinking in the 500-700 range.

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    Thank you
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