large collection of Antique bottles found in backyard

So i am 100% new to this site, so please be nice..... We had a tree in the back yard that we need to pull up and when doing so we started to find broken bottles... old bottles... the hole is now 8ftx4ft and about 3 feet deep... we have found approx 75 intact bottles, some dating back to the 1920's and 1930's Some of these bottles are in absolute pristine condition.... from sani-clor bottles, to old bayer medicine bottles and a anacin bottle with the lid still on and substance inside it... many certo bottles in excellent condition as well as 6 or so prohibition bottles dated from?? I am going to post a few pics on here and would like to know what you guys think... some of these bottles look like they were made yesterday... amazing for being in the ground for many many years... any and all questions you might have please feel free....


  • It would appear to me you came across a family's old

    dump site. You continue digging you'll be amazed at what you'll find
  • It looks to me like a privey hole. The vintage of your bottles looks to be in the 1930-40s era. Unexpected Finds are the best
  • I am not seeing much in the way of value in these pictures - perhaps the best find is the automobile plate, However, bottles from this era (mid-ish 20th century) are on occasion of decent value. Milk bottles are a good example. What kept my friends and me (back when we actually had time) digging in dumps of this era was the random good find and also older objects that were tossed in. Keep digging!

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