I have a box of old bottles and I want to know if there is any value to them

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I've been looking on google search for some of the bottles that my sister bought at a garage sale. She bought them for her hobby as Halloween decorations, but I wanted to check to see if they have any worth before she destroys them for props. Some of the bottles come in boxes such as Hadacol, 24 fluid ounces; Germicidal Discs (McClintock) made by Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich.;Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash for Vaginal Douches--and this has the box; Burrough Bros, Mfg. Co. One Pint Fluid Extract Ginger; Guasti Pure California Tonic (Made with Port)--this has the box, as well, and is in very nice shape; English Lavender The Yardley Camomile Shampoo and Rinse--this has the box and the contents come in packets; Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription FP (trade mark)--this has the box and a price sticker from Gould Drugs for $1.75 and the bottle hasn't been opened; more Hadacol, but a small box (8 fluid ounces) and box; McKesson's Cod LIver Oil--this item is without box, but has a fish imprinted on back of bottle with a fish-scale theme on the bottle, as well; another bottle of Germicidal Disc from the same maker as the one mentioned above, but the bottle is smaller and both bottles have corks instead of bottle caps; Sloan's Liniment--this has the same name imprinted on the back of the bottle; smallish round metal canister for Doan's Pills, A Stimulant Diuretic to the Kidneys, 40 pills, Foster-Milburn Co.; Oil of Bergamot, Pure, Farrand, Williams & Clark, Wholesale druggists and Mfg. Chemists, Michigan, 1 Oz.--this is a small bottle with a cork. There is a brown, cellophanish wrap that goes around the bottle and is starting to peel away. Underneath the label is fine and intact, so maybe it is just a protective cover--my uneducated guees; White Pine, Comp, without morphine, One-fourth pint, Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, U.S.--back label has directions. It's a bottle with cork; Cheracol, 4 ounces, with codeine, the Upjohn Company (empty bottle)--brown colored glass with cork; IC.C. Fluid Extract, Tag Alder (Almus Rubra.).. trad ,arl W-D- & H., Williams, Davis,Brooks & Hinchman Sons, The Michigan Drug Co., Detroit, Michigan--Brown bottle with cork; and, finally, Wormseed, American, Parke, Davis & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.--Brown bottle with cork.

Anyway, that's my box--or lot of medicine bottles. My sister would just as soon make them into Halloween decorations, but I just want to make sure that she isn't doing away with some part of history or valuable stuff. If anyone knows anything about these items, I'd appreciate the feedback. Otherwise, Happy Halloween.


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