Hartwig Kantorowicz and Schaar and Caviezel Bottles

First post as i have just signed up to try and find out about these bottles. 
I have a few that i am wondering what they are, what age they are and ultimatley how much they are worth.
I have a few bottles i am trying to sell so any information would be great.
If anybody knows anything about any of these bottles or can point me in the right direction i would be really grateful.
Please click the link to see the photo's of the bottles:

Bottles are: http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a428/louispattinson/SAM_2622_zpsndnce9hv.jpg
( click right once for the bottles of Bols and left to see the bottles close up)
In order on main photo:

1) Gordon's Milk Punch, label cork and 4/5 fill
2) Hartwig Kantorowicz Coca Bitters, label's cork and 4/5 full (possibly full)
3) Hartwig Kantorowicz Coca Bitters, label's cork and 1/4 ful
4) Hartwig Kantorowicz, cork sealed label, full
5) Schaar and Caviezel Orange bitters? Cork, label; and ¾ full
6) Phillips Newman Orange bitters, cork label and 3/5 full
7) Litthaure Hartwig Kantorowicz Stomach Bitters, cork labels ( guess, as I have not opened and of course can no see) 4/5 full (possibly full)
8) Schaar and Caviezel cork sealed label's and full....

Also, a Bols sealed cork and full with labels......

Any info would be really appreciated..

Cheers, Louis


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    Very nice set of colorful labeled bottles dating from the late 19th c. or perhaps very early 20th c. Labels with color are scarce - these all are well above avg.

    These bottles are not quite old enough to be from the hay day of collectible bottles but there is some decent value in the lot. The milk glass Hartwig Kantorowicz is the most valuable of the group - I think you will find interest in this bottle at several hundred...
  • Hi!
    I have several bottles given to me to sell. I have just spent 2 hours trying to determine the value of this 1928 Hartwig Kantorowicz A. G. bottle.
    While searching I came across your site and signed up with hopes of help. I thank you ahead of time for any information concerning value.


  • Thanks for posting all the pictures.

    My gut reaction is value in the $40 to 60 range. You might compare this bottle to the somewhat more common JA Gilka Kummel bottle - it has a similar shape and label.

    This company produced a wide variety of products and containers for their products. Glassworks Auctions had a sale a few years back with dozens of different bottles from this concern.

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    hello I am happy to buy back these and other bottles. allegromen1964@tlen.pl

  • Hello how much are you selling the Kantorowicz bottles for and are you located in the USA?

    Sincerely, James Kantorowicz

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