Demijohn Carboy found in Alabama Estate Applied lip with strange mark-Please help I.D.

Please help us identify the age and/or maker's mark that is on this bottle. Is the "acid etched" EM 20 in reference to size? Very irregular and large bottle. Thank you, I just can't seem to find this mark anywhere. My wife loved it so value would be interesting to know (if any) but we purchased it because we like the look and style. Thanks in advance, we really appreciate any help. Trey
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  • Hi Trey,

    I do believe this is a European bottle and the 20 refers to the # of liters volume. You might test my theory by adding measured amounts of water. 20 liters is a bit over 5 gallons.

    As for the "EM" I am not sure. It could be a manufacturers mark.

    Demijohns are widely collected - I once collected them and might have had 100 examples or more at one time - you can safely say this is worth in the $50-100 range to the right person.
  • Thank you for your help!
  • I think' your bottle is eighteenth century last hand blown approximate 12 gallon natural colored American bottle , this bottle made by natural earth materials, so that it was very precious. perhaps your bottle may have rare earth materials, so keep safely
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