Collection of old mini Liquor Bottles Full & Sealed

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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out where I can sell all these mini bottles of liquor, 97% of them are still full and sealed. Some of them I cannot find online, some empty bottles go for $50 each and mine are full, some have the cork tops, some I believe date to the 40's. I don't have a liquor license so where can I sell them ?

Thanks, Billy


  • It is an excellent question.

    For a number of years, one could sell full liquor bottles on ebay and it was a great place to sell them in late 2012. Unfortunately, ebay decided to ban such sales from its site so I guess you are left with Craigslist or perhaps an auctioneer who specializes in liquor sales.

    See this page for more on the ebay policy change and potential alternative venues.
  • Hi Chris, I know about ebay's policies. Some of these bottles I can't find online, from looking what you can see, what would you think the total value would be ?

    Thanks, Billy
  • I have a few unopened liquor bottles that size, one is bacardi & the other is a mexican tequila with a worm in it, if your interested I'll take some pictures for you
  • I came across quiet a few of these myself anout 25 of them. Most still full . I have rhe same question as billy
  • I have over 1,100 miniature bottles consisting of vodka, tequila, whiskey, liqueur, rum, brandy, cognac and gin. I want to sell entire collection. Anyone interested?
  • I am interested to buy miniature liquor bottle collection.Please contact
    00 91 9370107894
  • Hi surendrabelkonikar, I have a box full of these small bittles, most are full and some are wax sealer. Where are you located? I would love for y.oh to price them for me. I am located in Massachusetts.
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