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Help!! The instructions about how to upload images seem easy enough, but multiple pictures keep getting uploaded! Where am I going wrong? I am using the Attach function. I have also used Imageshack, but attaching the pictures after resizing them seemed as easy. Any feedback would help!


  • Hmm, might be a bug. My guess is that it has something to do with the browser. Mac or Windows? Which browser are you using (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome?
  • Is there a size limit to photos. I am trying without success (I had success on my first post) to upload 125 and 117 kb images.
  • Hi-
    I had to edit (crop or resize) the picture before I sent it.....I then saved it as a new picture and sent that one. Hope this helps but not sure. The first couple of times my pics were HUGE. :)
  • Having a problem uploading pics. Browser is Google Chrome. My images are JPG (all caps). Does it make a difference with caps or lower case? I've tried at least a half dozen times -- keep getting the same message -- "...did not have an allowed extension." (i.e., my image is tagged: aagun1.JPG. Can't change to lower case.

  • I have fixed the issue pointed out by @jtperf - you can now upload files with a JPG extension

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