Pearl Drug Co. Pharmacy bottle

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  • I also have an old clear glass medicine bottle, with Blue Ribbon on the bottom, and the words "Quality" and "Purity" embossed on the front. There is a paper label from Pearl Drug Co. Concord, N.C. with a prescription for an elixer containing Iron Quinine and Strychnine. Can you provide me with any information about the bottle or the drug company?
  • Think of the bottle this way: it was manufactured by a bottle-producing company which sold the bottles in bulk to pharmacies all across the US to hold prescriptions. Today the only difference is that the bottles are plastic. One might be able to figure out the manufacturer of the bottle based on markings on the base. A photo, sketch or rubbing of the base would be necessary..

    Pearl Drug is/was undoubtedly a local pharmacy. To research it, most likely you need to go to a local historical society or library. A local library may have old phone books or city directories or newspapers which can help you piece together when it was in business, etc.
  • My grandfather bought Pearl Drug in 1919 in Concord Nc
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