Can someone help me identify this bottle/jar? Thank you.

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I recently obtained this bottle/jar and I can not seem to find anything about it. It is approx 5 1/2" tall. Does anyone know anything about this type of jar, or have seen this before? Thanks for all your time.


  • Hello and welcome

    The form is called a bookend vase - I had originally thought this was a Clevenger piece but found last evening that it is not listed in Tom Haunton's book on Clevenger glass. Tom does mention that other companies produced similar pieces.

    I can tell you that it dates to the later 20th century.
  • Thank you for this information. If I could bother you again, which companies does Tom mention? I'm still surfing the web trying to determine where this bottle came from. You said the bottle is from the latter part of the 20th century, then may I ask this one question? Why are there so many man-made? deformities in this bottle? Or was it just a sloppy job on the bottle-maker or machine producing it? Thanks again for your time. M.Fahrney
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