A van Hoboken Rotterdam bottle - yellow green - not like others I saw

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Hello, and thank you for allowing me to ask a question. I am a glass collector but not bottles so I am hoping you can help me. This bottle is 9.25" tall. It is embossed A van Hoboken Rotterdam. It is yellow green in color (but does not glow in black light). It has a seal on the shoulder that appears to be part of the mold (not applied) with the numbers 860 or possible 1860. It has a wide mouth opening. Is this an old bottle? Or something made to look old? I wondered at first if the top had been cut to make a vase but when I looked at the other van Hoboken bottles on line, the opening appears wider than the top of those bottles and the top appears to be polished not raw like something that had been cut later. Any thoughts you may have on this would be appreciated.


  • First off, this is an odd color for a Dutch gin bottle - entirely atypical. There are many many gin bottles and lots of different bottles even within some of the larger companies so I am not surprised to see it - this is not a strong area of knowledge for me.

    However, I am certain that the top was cut and polished - probably because the bottle was damaged at the mouth.
  • Thank you very much. I appreciate the quick response. I suppose that means there's no real value here? Ah, well. Pretty color anyway....
  • Thank you again. Decided to list it on Ebay as an auction to see if the color garners any interest. Thanks again.
  • I have a bottle just like the person described above with a wide mouth so it's not just one bottle like that. Don't believe there would be two that were shaved down. Not sure if they could be some kind of reproductions though. If you find out anything please let me know. Thanks!
  • I googled Vaseline glass gin bottle and there was a seller on eBay with two bottles. One was like the one in the above picture and one was taller and slimmer but the glass color and necks were the same. Said they were fresh from an estate sale in Salem, New Hampshire. Maybe someone could find out more by contacting him. He was selling both bottles for around $435 plus shipping.
  • Thanks for posting this info @sellbelle

    I found the auction you mentioned (link) but of course anyone can ask whatever price they want - that price is not necessarily representative of value.

    I also found this closed ebay auction where this bottle sold for just $12 - once again, this lone sale is not the final word on value here but it is one guide.

  • i have one of those with tiwan on the bottom looks cool but it can't be worth much (maybe in tiwan.a.)
  • I seemed to have just bought two of these on Ebay, probably the same two mentioned above. I love A Van Hoboken bottles and have three(now 5). When I received them I was suspicious, the bottoms have been ground flat, they don't curve up at the tips as the case gin usually does. They could be a real late bottling. The glass was not whittled and was not blown but mold formed. Color is odd and then theres that odd ground open top/spout ???. What purpose such a large hole. This could be a reproduction fake, they are pretty but not particularly interesting as the embossing is much like an overly tumbled bottle with little sharpness that you would get in a mold formed bottle. no sign of sick glass or any burial marking. Im suspect at least. Well, I guess I own them for 160.00 US. The seller wanted 189.00 US I asked for a discount and he gave me it. They will make a good vase but nothing more i fear.
  • The early (authentic) A van Hoboken case bottles had applied seals. Here's an example from the second half of the 19th Century:

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    Hi, I know this is a really old post but I wanted all of you to know that the green yellow looking bottle it’s from Target I have 2 of them and that’s where I bought them.

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