HS KEENE NH Masonic bottle and Mellon flask

Thought it might interest some to see a Mason Bottle and Mello flask (I presume!)

brought up from the wreck of The CAESAR by the great diver and explorer Teddy Tucker of Bermuda

who discovered over 100 wrecks in his time . I was gifted these on my 40th birthday by Teddy and his wife Edna.

Any added knowledge or info to me about these is welcomed!


  • Nice pieces, thanks for posting.

    Olive green is a scarcer color for that Masonic flask but almost all examples I have seen in olive green have been from shipwrecks. The mellon flask is another new england piece that is quite scarce.

    These are definitely great historical items but because of the "sea washed" condition, they are not of top value to bottle collectors (but valuable nonetheless)

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