Square blue glass ink bottle Looking for maker

My wife found a bottle and is looking to see if she can find any information about the bottle or who the maker is? It is a small bottle, about 3 inches by 3 inches square and about 3.5 inches high. It is blue glass, pyramid shaped with concave sides. The bottom has three numbers at the top, 94 554 and 1 then in the middle a cursive word that seems to be Pat or Spat and a maker mark at the bottom but It is hard to tell what it is. There are also two small seems on opposite sides of the neck that are only on the neck, they do not appear to go down the bottle or on top of the lip.


  • I am not finding any match in the book, "Bottle Makers and Their Marks" but I am not entirely surprised. This is a modern bottle, it is machine made and my hunch is that it was made overseas.

    Sometimes a pencil rubbing can reveal a bit more detail than is visible to the eye..

  • Thank you, had not even thought of that.

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