Playtex milk glass jar

Hello, we have found a milk glass jar on our river property. The jar has the company playtex embossed on the bottom. We are trying to find the history of the glass jar and what product was in it. We were not able to find anything online and even contacted Playtex who was not able to provide any information. We have not found anything like this before and were looking for any kind of information anyone may have.

Thank you



  • Melanie,

    You may not find an exact match but you will see plenty of similar jars when you search on "antique cold cream jar"

    I am not 100% certain this held cold cream but I would say likely. Pond's and Watkins were two popular brands.

    Keep on searching, you might find other bottles.

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    I am having such a great time finding treasures. We found a couple spots where in the 1920s through 1960’s threw their trash over the side of the river embankment. Here are some of my favorites so far.

    Ball Ideal canning jar, Little Bo Peep ammonia bottle, Horlick's malted milk tablets bottle

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