Cannot find manufacturer - Could use your expertise

I have a hobnail bubble base bud vase that has USA and a mark which I have not been able to yet identify.

It appears as though it is Db with an underline. I have also searched on Ob, O6, 06, D6, etc. and I have come up empty. Does anyone have an idea of who the manufacturer is?

I surely would appreciate learning from your expertise. -sue


  • Thanks for posting.

    I am assuming there are no other markings on the base?

    The thing about markings on the bottom of bottles is that they were put there by manufacturers for their use which is frequently unclear. I would not be surprised if this is simply a mold number.

  • No, there was only the U.S.A. mark above it and no other numbers. It is indeed frustrating! LOL

  • I found another vase that was basically identical but it had an underlined "12" on the base. So I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the marking on the vase I have must be "06" and is NOT a manufacturer mark per se. Maybe the numbers are indicative of the month they were manufactured. I may never know!!! LOL

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