Strange bottle found in the river

I found this bottle floating in the river while we were running our model boats. The cap was still on but crumbled apart when I touched it. Cap is threaded. It is about 8 inches long. It does have a very faint seam down the sides but it's not straight and you have to search to find it. The only markings are on the bottom.


  • The base of the bottle bears the mark of Glass Containers Corp. of Fullerton, CA. according to the book, "Glass Makers and Their Marks" by Toulouse. The author states that this particular mark was used after 1945.

    Yes, it is an oddball shape. You might browse through the photos of Owens-Illinois which may have a similar shape pictured and sometimes the catalogs suggest the bottle shape's use. You will find a link in this forum somewhere - probably search on the word "catalog"

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