Identification old bottles bought in the Caribbean

Hello all,

My name is Martin and I moved to Aruba approximately half a year ago.

I recently picked up two bottles at a porch sale, and I was wondering if someone knew what they were and whether it’s possible to ID what era they are from. Unfortunately I don’t have any background info on them.

They feel very robust and they’re quite heavy.

Most locals are unfortunately not that fond of old/antique stuff so when the object has no more use, it usually gets thrown in the bin.. These bottles are therefore probably not that old (perhaps very cheaply made “decoration bottles”) but you never know, they could also be old 19th century wine / ale / rum / gin bottles, I wouldn’t be able to tell…

I’m also quite curious whether they are hand-blown (the collars are a bit wobbly) or machine made (on the other hand, there’s no pontil mark).

looking forward to any replies!

all the best from Aruba,



  • Your two black glass bottles are indeed from the 19th century, likely third quarter.

    The larger appears to have an applied lip and is the earlier of the two. The smaller might have been made in what is called a spin mold which, if true, would date it to much later in the century.

  • Plain black glass bottles like this are common - they were produced in vast quantities.

  • Thanks for your explanation! Glad to hear that my eyes didn’t cheat me and that they are indeed relatively “old”…

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