Old bottle collection found

A collection of bottles found in grandpa's basement. As far as I can tell, the only one that would seem to be of any monetary value is the King Of Pain bottle. Am I wrong? Any comments about the origin of any of these would be greatly appreciated!

These bottles were all found by my grandfather on an excavation site in downtown Portland in 1972.

Here is an "SG Skidmore" - "Druggists" medicine bottle, and a "Pioneer Soda Works" Portland soda bottle, and two unmarked bottles

The bottles above are all unmarked although the second from the left is marked "Ayer" on the bottom

Two Lea & Perrins bottles, and two more unmarked.

Here is an "Old Mr. Boston" whiskey bottle, and some more unmarked bottles.

This is a " Dr. JJ McBride" - "King Of Pain" bottle from the 1870's. Other side is below.

A "JGB Siegert & Hijos" Angostura bitters bottle from the late 1800's, and an unmarked green bottle.

"King Of Pain". Below is an interesting article about Dr JJ McBride, of Elko Nevada. Quite a character. He claimed his tonic would cure just about any malady, and hawked it throughout the west, most notably in San Francisco.

Tooth powder bottle...?


  • The Siegert bitters does have some value but are fairly common. Don't overlook the value of western bottles - your druggist bottle and possible the soda will have interest to local collectors. Give eBay a look specifically on "Completed items" to look for sales of similar bottles

    Not sure about that last bottle - maybe there is some text on the label which might offer a clue?

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