Hornell ny bottle co coca cola

Found this while out metal detecting a late 1800s cellar hole. Was clearly also used as a dump in the early 1900s. Bottle is flat sided with no embossing except for the bottom pictured. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


  • Likely a fairly early Coca Cola bottle - your photo is great but it would be helpful to see the full bottle including the mouth / lip.

  • Here is a few more

  • It appears the mold seam stops mid-neck before reaching the lip. If so, this is a very early 20th century crown top Coke soda bottle. The distinctive curvy contour shape bottle dates to 1916. If I am reading the mold seam correctly then most likely this dates in the 1900-1915 range.

    There are a whole mess of different molds, it will take some digging to find the value of this one specifically. You may find the same shape and style of embossing but note that people collect by the town/city name so that affects value independent of other variables.

  • Thanks for the help chris

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