Selling Collection

My mother was an avid digger and collector of old bottles in the 70's and amassed a sizeable collection. But she is 92 now and has moved to assisted living, and we want to sell her collection. There are about 25 or so plastic crates of bottles of all types. Many are local to the Pittsburgh and Monongahela Valley area. Mom had the groups sorted and labeled and packed in cardboard boxes 20 years ago. I took them out of the boxes and photographed them by groups, then packed them in the plastic crates. I am looking for suggestions on how to have them appraised and priced to sell. Suggestions appreciated.


  • Posting some group photos would be a great place to start.

    The first question is - what is the general value level of the group? If it is largely a bunch of low value items you probably want to pull out a few of the best items and sell the rest as a lot on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

    So - consider breaking the group into a few subgroups such as "the good" "the okay" and "all the rest" with some assistance..

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