brownish green glass bottle found in ground under 214 year old hotel

Hi all. I work at a hotel. The bottom floor was built in 1809 (it was warehousing and a commerce market originally). We are doing renovations on the bottom floor and my Chief Engineer found this bottle in some dirt that was dug up to lay new drain lines. There are no etchings on it. It looks handmade because the neck is a little crooked. The lip looks like it was made separately as there is a seam. There also looks like there is a jagged seam underneath the bottom where the bottle goes up to the middle. In the picture it may look like the middle of the bottom is colored silver or something but it really doesn't look that way. It just looks flat and round and the diameter of a pencil eraser.


  • Thanks for posting. What an exciting find in such great condition after so many years.

    Your bottle would be described by collectors as black glass, likely for ale or spirits. It dates to the early 19th century. This general bottle form evolved over time through the 17th-19th centuries with different lengths of the neck, different lip applications and methods of manufacture.

    The base markings show the presence of a pontil mark

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