1862 S&J soda virginia city nevada bottle

What is a good place to sell to its a 1864 S&J soda virginia city nevada in great shape only price I found on line is between $1600 & $3200 but those are 1874 not 1864 and it's 1 of 12 to exist but I don't know how to send pics just yet learning today hopefully 😀


  • American Bottle Auctions has long specialized in Western US bottles and could be a good venue for your soda bottle. It is worth checking with them at the very least.

    Consider also one of the other specialty bottle auctioneers like Glassworks

    Your bottle's value very much depends on the details of the condition ("great shape" to you may not be what another collector thinks) If rare and undamaged, the auction format is probably the best way to sell.

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