3 questions

Hi! First off we live in an older home. They say it was built in 1948 but when I went to get information on who has lived here in the past I was told the house is much older than 1948 but that particular office only had information up until that year. Our home sits on top of a hill and the back yard is all hill. I put my garden almost to the bottom of the hill and while we were tilling it last year we found numerous pieces of glass, a whole mens after shave bottle, and pieces of old brick. Any idea why we are finding all that there?

I found these piece last night. I know it’s from Knox bottling company but any idea on a year?

I will also include a picture of the bottle from last year to see if anyone can tell me anything about it.

Thank You!


  • The fragment is from a bottle made at Knox Glass Co Inc in Knox, PA. That mark was used from 1924 to 1968 according to the book, "Glass Makers and Their Marks" by Toulouse

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