Need help!! Old light blue embossed bottle

Need help identifying this embossed bottle. It's light blue, embossed either says "McClymonds & Rice" or

"McClymonos & Rice" "Alliance .O." it was found in a woods in Columbiana Ohio. I can't seem to find any information at all on the company. And can't find any pictures online of this exact bottle with the name. Would like to know what the type of bottle is, information on the company if possible, age range, and value. Any help would be appreciated thanks everyone!!! Here are some photos below.


  • Hi

    You have what bottle collectors call a "Hutch soda" referring to its patented Hutchinson stopper. You can slide over to the website where you will see listings for bottles from about 18,000 US firms. Report your bottle and get it on the list (I find it to be unlisted there)

    If undamaged, you will definitely find local collector interest in it since it may very well be scarce

    Nice find!


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