Value in this pre-prohibition beer bottle??

Found this bottle fully intact while digging in my yard of all places. From First National Brewing company that was only open from 1901-1904. Have no clue if it’s worth anything or not. But thought it was a pretty cool find. Any help or a point in the right direction appreciated. Thanks!


  • Please please please post a photo of the ENTIRE bottle. It is in somewhat rough shape but looks interesting.

  • Will get better pics tonight and then post. Thanks!

  • One small chip on top. Otherwise fully intact. Kind of press I’ve being that I found it buried in my yard.

  • Have you seen this page on First National of McKees Rocks, PA? One can't ask for better info on a company than this!!

    If yours does in fact say 'First National Brewing Co" rather than Brewery Co. then you can date this bottle from the brief period of 1901 to 1904.

    What is also of interest (to me at least) is the unusual stopper on this bottle. I will be back with more info on it.


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    Thank you. I have seen that page actually. All great info. Enjoyed reading about it especially being from Pittsburgh. It does say “brewing co” vs “brewery”. So the bottle is around 120 yrs old I’d have to assume. Thanks again. Look forward to more info.

  • Pretty cool find coming right out of you yard

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