Date Cola - ACL soda bottle - value?

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Hey there, I have an unusually old bottle and I'm trying to find it and it's value. It's supposed to be pre Coca-Cola as far as I can find. Any suggestions?


  • Your bottle is in pretty rough condition to be of much value. Coca Cola dates back to the 1890s - this bottle is probably mid 20th century

    This example on eBay is in great condition and should give you some relative idea of value

  • The base photo didn't come out great but this Date-Cola bottle has an Owens-Illinois Duraglas mark with a date code of "8". Digging through historic newspapers I was only able to find mention of this soft drink in 1948 with a few examples appearing on eBay and collector websites from 1947-1948. It appears to have been a limited test market release apparently based around the Orange County area in California. They sponsored boxing broadcasts on KVOE 1480 K.C. and advertised apparently exclusively in the Santa Ana Register. This particular bottle was found in Cathedral City though, pretty far from the presumed Orange County test market source.

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