Meyer's American Stomach Bitters

Hello all,

I have recently come across a full corked bottle of Meyer's American Stomach Bitters and after trying to do a bit of research for some background on it(with not any success), I found this forum hoping for any answers.

My apologies if something of the likes of it has been posted already, but I did a site search and still nothing came up.

I would be curious if anyone knows anything about this strange bottle and perchance if it happens to be of any value.

There is a crack on the lip of it, but that appears to be the extent of the damage.

Thank you very much!


  • Bitters bottles are highly collectible but this one, not having embossing, is machine made and has the damage so not a lot of value at all. There were thousands of little operations making medicines at one time, little or nothing is known about many of them. Many were likely home-based or local-country-store based operations making their own proprietary product to sell.

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