Information needed about old seltzer bottle

Hello! I recently purchased this bottle in an auction and I'm in need of solid information on it. Doing my own research is turning out wildly unproductive. Anyway the bottle is about 13 inches to the top 4 and a half inches wide and weighs almost 6 pounds, wire mesh around bottle. The cap has "Aerators LTD Makers London" on it. Ive found comparable items what I can't find Is one that has a top like this one. I swear it looks brass, but i can't find any info on these being made with brass, please help with this if you can! Others questions, obviously it's value. It's dirty inside, would it be more desirable or less desirable if I cleaned the inside? Anything else you think I should know feel free to fire away! Thanks ahead of time!


  • I seem to recall that at one time there was a great informative website on seltzer bottles including good info on patents and manufacturers but I am unable to find that site now.

    It's not a particularly valuable piece but an intriguing and different design.

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