this is the only site that I found a post with this item - still looking for answers

RC Cola bottle with a distinctive logo on it. It is very similar to the 1960/70 logo style but not a match to any found on the internet. The only match was in a post here from 2020 with no replies. Also, the logo is not the same on both sides (one side says 'Half Quart') Bottle is embossed with 'One Pint' on the side near the bottom. I have included the pic of the bottom of the bottle posted in the "Shubbard" post as it is much clearer than on the bottom of my bottle, yet best I can tell has the same info.

the bottle that I have is full and don't think it was ever opened although the cap is quite rusted and gives no clues. The exterior of the bottle is quite scraped up, especially around the bottom as if it spent some time in an open-top machine where the bottles stood up (see Pic) although that is only my guess.

I have had this bottle for about 10 yrs and only bought it cause it was unopened.

Does this bottle have any value? Why are there no other examples of this logo to be found?

General question: since it is unopened, does that give it more value?

Please respond with any answers or guidance on how I can do additional research & where.

Thank You!

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