Antique German lavender milk glass bottle, crooked neck

Looking for any info about this curious crooked neck bottle. It's in great condition, the only seam I see is on one the short side of the curved neck. Embossed on the bottom 'R6 Bottle Made in Germany'

Thank you!


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    Hello and thanks for posting this.

    It is a tooth powder correction, mouthwash bottle. I recall tooth powder from years ago before the Internet but now seeing labeled examples requires me to update my answer!

    Many are marked "ODOL" on the bottom - you will find mention online of "Odel" and "Odell" bottles as well

    Yours is unusual in that it has a lavender color. Most are milk glass - a pure white color. Older examples have a cork opening without threads.

  • thank you for the information, much appreciated.

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