Hello. I need help w/ a bottle I own that I’d like to sell. I can’t find anything comparable online and there’s only a mention of something that sounds close but not exact from a May 2006 Australian auction. This is 10” Tall x 3.5” Wide x 2.5” Deep

Its marked with a blob seal “H. Bootz Amsterdam” with their 3 bottle insignia. The Pontil mark is on the vertical edge of the blob side. There is a signature on the bottom that is barely visible and some very crude lettering in cursive along the heel that looks to have been worn throughout its lifetime. There is bubbling from its original making and specks/flakes within the glass itself I originally thought were residue although there is some residue and some slight oxidation. The bottle has no cracking or marks outside of any visible imperfections that were a part or a result of its making . That said, it’s not perfect, obviously.

i know that H. Bootz Amsterdam was a distillery first operating in 1650 in Amsterdam NL and one of the first distilleries there and was bought by Lucas Bols companies in the twentieth century.

Thank you all in advance for your consideration and time.


  • Just thought I’d clarify-Im hoping for help with valuation. Again, thank you in advance!

  • This one has no pontil scar. Gin, schnapps, or liqueur. Latest 1800s or early 1900s. For value, check eBay completed auctions. A nice window bottle.

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