antique courvoisier cognac liquor bottle

I'd just like to know if these are worth anything there's 2 different styles of bottle both cognac the first one don't have any markings on it except for the bottom which has courvoisier cognac france liquor bottle US with number 3 and 12 and a diamond with an s in it

The next one does Have a round indented mark with only cognac france on the back and on the bottom has courvoisier 0.75l and number 12 and 15 with a diamond with an s in it


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    Both of these are modern machine-made bottles. Sorry no value.

    It is true that one sees earlier cognace bottles of a similar shape which pre-date the machine-made bottle era (as in late 19th century) do have a little value, at least to some people... You can check sold items on eBay to get one idea of how such bottles do sell.

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