Grandparents bottles

Have two of these bottles from my grandparents house. Have tried to find the bottom stamp or the embossed "knight." No luck. Any idea what they are? Think European . Thanks for any help!


  • If you can send a clearer image of the mark on the base, that would be great. A rubbing of that mark is also good if you cannot capture a clear photo. I will look up the manufacturer mark..

    Seems like I have encountered that embossed crest at some point but cannot recall details at the moment.

  • Hopefully the photo is enough...the rubbing doesn't work well. Thanks!!

  • Below is a manufacturer mark from the book, Bottle Makers and Their Marks by Toulouse. It might be the one on your bottle.

    My gut reaction when I saw these bottles was "california wine" - am wondering where your grandparents lived. If west coast US, then this might strengthen my theory. I have seen a number of large glass bottles which were made for inexpensive California wine and grape juice, some in this same color green.

  • Wow...not what I was expecting. No, they never lived on the West Coast. However, my grandfather traveled extensively with Armstrong. They did live in Europe and Australia and with the knight crest, the family was thinking European.

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