Rare Pepsi cola bottle

I found a Pepsi cola bottle in the woods and it was so dirty I couldn't tell what it was I washed it today to discover it's a Pepsi cola bottle with the sanitary plant stamped on the side of the bottle. I researched the value and won't to know if anyone can give me some input on what I have, what it's worth and who wants to buy it


  • I also have several vintage Bottles for sale, Pepsi cola and coca cola and chero-cola and several vintage medicine bottles. Need to sale ASAP at good and fair price. Contact me via text message at 864-584-5103

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    It is REALLY helpful to post photos.

    For selling, I would recommend Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

  • Good point, I don't do this. I will try and get some pics on here

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