Jimi Hendrix Vodka


I'm Michael and new here. I have a rare unopen bottle of Jimi Hendrix vodka. Does anyone know if its worth anything or places to buy, sell or trade? Locally I'm in Arizona


  • This hardly counts as antique but I guess quite collectible now that this brand has been, by court order, pulled from the market. You may have seen this page - the situation with any FULL liquor bottle is

    "Where ya going to sell it?"

    • You cannot legally ship it
    • You cannot, as an individual, even offer it for sale via many websites.


    • You can try to sell via Facebook Groups or Craigslist (but do check their rules first)
    • You can try to find a local auction house or business that specializes in liquor.
  • I appreciate the feedback thank you

  • Here's another thought - perhaps cut a deal with a local liquor store, a family or privately owned business rather than a chain store. They might be willing to barter your bottle for a nice case of wine. You might not get top dollar but you might get a trade up that makes you happy :-)

    Selling liquor bottles reminds me of the days before the internet. I used to buy and sell antiques and other items when I knew I could place them to a buyer would would be willing to pay more. One had to do a lot of networking...

    Good luck

  • I see the post is old but if you haven't sold it here is some history on it. Jimi Hendrix's half brother created this vodka without the approval of the Hendrix estate, so the bottles were pulled from the shelves and that was the end of it. With that being said an empty bottle can be worth around a $50 to $70 range, an unopened on is in the $700 to $1000 range. It is very rare to find one unopened. I have one and this is the second one I've seen on the internet. Hope that helps.

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