The Jersey Devil Green Embossed Bottle

I found a green Jersey Devil embossed bottle. It reads The Jersey Devil on one side. On the other it reads Salem Oak. 6 3/4 in height. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks EJ


  • 2 weeks ago I purchased the same exact bottle at a store called THE SPOT in Vineland, NJ. My bottle is blue. The tag on it said that is was made to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of Salem, NJ.

    The sales cashier took the tag...thanks goodness I read it! I searched and found another site in Atlanta where someone has a light green bottle. Listed as a flask, Tercentenary. 1664-1964 in their description.

    I remember the famous Salem Oak. The early settlers and native Americans signed a peace treaty under the tree. There was a plaque there with that information...located in the center of town.

    Jersey Devil...I live near that area.

    I saw another writing where someone knew the name of the Glass manufacturer...DG

    I hope that helps.


  • This page has the answer -

    The flask was commissioned by the Heritage Glass Museum and uses a Clevenger scroll flask mold with different inserts for the Salem Oak and Jersey Devil designs. The glass blower is Phil Gilson

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