Vintage smirnoff Kremlin Jeannie bottle

I inherited this bottle, and need some guidance in the value. It is absolutely amazing. There is wax in areas from where a candle was once shoved in. Also museum wax on the bottom.


  • Thanks for posting

    It's not THE I Dream of Jeannie bottle which is the very popular Jim Beam decanter. You can see from actual sales on eBay (

    showing that paint decorated examples of that bottle bring several hundred dollars. There are a few examples of the original decanter with labels and box that have brought ~$200.

    Your Smirnoff bottle was likely made about the same time with hopes of capitalizing on the popularity of the TV show and it does have the advantage of having the original labels. It might just be that someone would be willing to pay $50-100 or possibly even a bit more for this one. However, keep in mind that most 20th century liquor bottles, even with their labels, are not worth much at all.

  • Thank you for your honest and detailed answer. I know it takes time to respond, and I appreciate it!

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