Need help in identification of this vintage Cuervo Tequilla bottle

I have spent years on the Internet on and off trying to identify this bottle and it just seems rare and I can’t find it. I just need to put my mind at rest. Can anybody please help


  • Thanks for posting. What is the writing on the bottle's cap? I cannot quite get it all.

  • Chris I’m so sorry I thought you said the bottom of the bottle and I’m trying to navigate the site and kept doing something weird. The top of the cap says tequila Cuervo S.A. Tequila JAL

  • Two things - the bottle and the product.

    For the bottle, the base markings could very well suggest a mid 1960s date but not necessarily. The letter I in a circle is for the bottle manufacturer which is Owens-Illinois.

    As for the product, you will find this page interesting: The adverts shown on this page suggest that by the 1960s that Cuervo was already using square clear bottles. Will be hard to learn more without finding a labeled example of your bottle.


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