Kelley's Headache Cure bottle

Hello, I have this bottle with embossed writing as follows.

Kelley's Headache Cure

Dr. Horatio S. Kelley


West Dennis, Mass

The bottle seams run down two corners of the bottle from the bottom to half way up on the neck.

There are no other markings on the bottom or elsewhere.

It does not say bitters any where so I was wondering what kind of bottle it is and it's value.

Thank you


  • Bottle collectors would put yours into two collecting categories: Drugstore / Druggist and Cure. Bottles embossed with the word "cure" are as sought after as bitters are.

    This example dates around 1900 +/- just prior to the advent of machine-made manufacture. From a drug store point of view, this one comes from a small town so could be scarce. The fact that it is clear and a "late" bottle to many collectors holds back its value but it does have a lot going for it embossing-wise.

  • Chris, Thanks for the input.

    I think I'll try searching for bottle collectors next to see if anyone would be interested in it.

    Thanks again


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