Does anyone have info on this 3 sided bottle? "George Sky Wine Cocktail" "BechtsZone . Ltd"

This is a neat green 3 sided bottle that I cannot find any information about. It appears to be a 3 part mold the seams end at the applied top and there are scratches on the high areas of the base that are not shown well in the pictures. The sides read "George Sky . Wine . Cocktail" "Bechts Zone . Ltd" "Bergenop Zoom . Holland". It measures approx 8" tall x 4 1/2" wide for the side plates. I found this with heavy paint and fake flowers in it at a thrift shop for a dollar. I had a good feeling about it and when I removed the paint I got this surprise. I mainly collect SC Dispensary, Historical Flasks and old Coke & Pepsi bottles. Any help would be appreciated on the origins and age. Thanks in advance!


  • Interesting, thanks for posting this. I feel like I have seen this bottle along the way but perhaps it was a similar 3-sided green example without embossing. Not sure if my memory is playing tricks or not! It does have an applied lip so one would think later 19th century. Other than that, I would think you need to track down a Dutch collector.

    It is darn unusual to search for a company or a particular bottle and come up completely empty like I did for this one.

  • Very cool that this post popped up when it did. I recently dug this bottle but it is amber and is embossed with Glenlivit. In the context of the age of the dump, I feel this bottle dates around 1920-1930. The lip has what looks to be possible tooling, but most of the mold seam is there,(improved tooling). The bottle is identical to your green version, wonder as it seems that yours is European in origin, that the bottle was made still using old world methods but might date to something similar to the one I found.

  • Thanks for the comments! They are very helpful! I love your Glen Livet bottle you found. Thanks is my brand of of Scotch I enjoy on occasion. Thanks again for the info!

  • @piggler - thanks for adding your similar example which definitely appears to be machine made and a bit later than the George Sky bottle

    I would like to get all the embossing spelled out here so we might attract other searchers with similar bottles.


    Side 2 - W. H. HOLT & SONS LIMITED

    Side 3 - ??

    Base - E B & COP LD. 1703?

    Anything on Side 3?


  • Hey Chris,

    Side 3 is identical to side 1.

    Base - E B & CO LD. 1706

    I definitely agree the bottle is machine made, but has a distinct "improved tooling feature" the second bottle I've ever found with it. the whole tooling dating feature can be confusing. I've found this page is extremely useful.

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