Sunshine Soda bottle from Magee, MS

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I found this bottle at an old house site in Magee, Mississippi, I was given permission to hunt around. The caption under the picture of the sun says One Healthy Drink. Has anybody ever heard of this soda before? Not sure when the bottling company was there. Any help appreciated!


  • Thanks for posting.

    There is not much to say company-wise except that in the early 20th century there were literally thousands of local bottlers with their own brands and their own bottles. You might find an ad in a directory or old newspaper but that is about it.

    On the collecting side of things - these "crown top" soda bottles are highly collectible. Many are not worth much, as always condition is of utmost importance and some bottlers / some cities / some states / some localities are of greater interest depending on the collectors. Some brands are very hot like Coca Cola.

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