Q's on a giant W.T.Co. carboy

Hi everyone, I found this informative site while trying to research a bottle I bought at a thrift store yesterday. I'm hoping to get some answers/advice/direction for some questions I've got. First let me describe this monster (heh):

It is quite large, 51" circumference, ~23" tall, guestimate it can hold about 8-10 gallons, and seems to be a pale green or blue (I have color-vision problems).

The neck has moldings for a bale-wire closure. The seam goes from the bottom all the way up the neck but stops at the lip (does not go onto/over the lip). There are also obvious "twist-marks" in the glass (from when it was molten) where it appears it was perhaps finished by hand (which the lack of a seam over/onto/across the lip would also seem to indicate to a novice such as myself).

Markings on this carboy/demijohn are limited. The bottom has W. T. CO in raised lettering (embossed?) in a downward arch on the upper-inner-slope. Just below the lip on the neck it is also embossed (?) with W.T. Co. G 18. There is a small chance the "G" is actually a "Q", but I'm pretty sure it's a G.

It seems to be in near-mint condition, no cracks, scratches or chips. The lady who dropped it off at the thrift store said her mother had had it since her childhood (the mother's, not the daughter) and she just passed away. There are bubbles in the rather thick walls, all over the place.

My research in the last day has led me to the following (admittedly novice) analysis - based on the seam + the lip + the particular W.T. Co. logo, I'm guessing it was manufactured between 1901-1924, and the hand-finishing would seem to indicate between 1901-1910 when W.T. Co. plants went "fully" automated.

First photo shows the beast next to a plastic 6 gallon carboy.
Second photo shows the color better I think, and that my grill needs cleaning off. :)
Third photo is just a close-up of the upper neck and some of the markings.

Now for my questions:

How accurate/correct is my analysis?

Any way to narrow down what this bottle was used for? Possible uses I've run across in various similar-types of bottle descriptions include acid, chemicals, druggist medicines, druggist display-only use, and wine and/or wine making. I can't, however, find any information specifically about this type of demijohn by this company.

What colour would YOU call it? Best I've got is possibly an aqua or very pale greenish-blue (but isn't that aqua, lol?).

Is there anywhere to find a replacement bale-wire and cap closure for it?

Is there any way to determine a value? It's pretty cool, and my mother-in-law used to have something similar I guess decorating her living room, so my wife is plotting a similar use I suspect. I'd like to know how much, if anything, to insure it for though.

Thanks for any input/comments/opinions/assistance, it is much appreciated!



  • Nathan,

    You have done your homework on this one.

    The bottle is a fairly typical aqua color.

    WT was in the business of producing containers, not selling products that would be contained in them, so unless you happen to find an example with a label, then who knows where this bottle was used and what it contained.

    Value - $20-40 range I would say. Demijohns are quite collectible but most folks seek earlier hand blown examples.
  • I realize this post has been out here for 10+ years. First of all Nathan, if you still have this and ever want to sell it, please let me know, I inherited one literally a W.T. co with the same dimensions from my 94 year old grandmother who got it from her uncle and just about 6 weeks ago, it got moved during a house renovation and was bumped against my fireplace brick and now has a large crack in it. I'm truly heartbroken over it.

    I have been searching and have found a few other 10 gallon ones, but not the W.T. Co. one...

    That said, if you are still looking for the top for it. Mine didn't have the wire, but I did have the top which was like a stone? I took it out and believe I still have it (just finishing unpacking from the updates here). So if you are still in need of one, let me know.

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