Need help in identifying ne on bottle

I've been going through my collection and came across this beautiful heavy glass, blob top soda bottle (maybe), with the embossing of " L.P. Goodwim Pequabuck, Conn". I cant find anything on this particular bottle nor the name " L.P. Goodwim". I've looked up Goodwin as well in the event its a misspelling and have found nothing. Any info would be very helpful.



  • Did you ever find information on this bottle? My aunt came across a similar bottle and i'm trying to get more info for her.

  • Thank you, that's been helpful. I'm assuming the spelling of LP Goodwim was an error and should have been Goodwin? The bottle my aunt has doesn't exactly match the bottles on that looks like the one listed on this original post. Is it worth anything or should I have her try to reach out to a local antique dealer in the Plymouth area?

  • Never found anything out on the bottle, H owever I did end up selling it for around $65 if that helps.

  • That helps me. Thank you! She has quite a few more bottles and I'm kind of lost as to helping her sell them. I am not a collector and I don't know much about bottles. But I'm finding it to be quite time consuming and there's little info on many of the ones she has. Do you know much more about any of the Connecticut bottles? I'm not sure it's worth my time to individually list the bottles on ebay and then have to pay fees and deal with shipping hassle...any advice? Maybe facebook or something?

  • @codykleinman You can post a group photo here on the forum, start a new discussion. Will help you with value, how you might sell.

  • ok, thanks!

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