Possible Antique bottle.

I found this bottle in Dawlish Warren river, it’s a dark green possibly a wine bottle, seem going from bottom to almost the top where a lip has been attached, bottom might have a rounded Pontil and the letter W on one side there is a semi circular lip possibly where a seal would have been. There are lots of little air bubbles and a couple of blisters.


  • Hello and thanks for posting pictures of your bottle.

    What we can say about it - it is later 19th century, it has an applied lip, it does not have a pontil mark (the dot on the base is from the mold and not a pontil rod)

    The inverted horseshoe on the shoulder of the bottle could very well indicate this is a B&B or Benedictine liqueur bottle. Not sure if that company / product had an exclusive on the use of that marking.

  • I've had this jar for awhile now. I want to know how old it is and if it's worth anything? I think it's a milk bottle. The only markings on it are on the bottom, 25 79 and around the bottom it says SEALED NU, ONE QUART, LIQUID and REG.

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