9-oz Mountain Dew from '62


I am trying to determine rarity and pricing on a 1962 Mountain Dew bottle from Johnson City, TN. 10-oz bottles are very common, 7-oz bottles are rare ($500->$1000), but I cannot find a single 9-oz bottle, excepting the one I have.


  • This is outside of my area of expertise (mostly 19th c. and earlier bottles) but one way to think of value is - what is the most paid for an example in this category? How does your bottle measure up to that example?

    In this case, by similar I mean all Mt. Dew bottles or perhaps all ACL sodas.

    I would be very interested to know what the top price paid for an ACL soda is!

  • Hi Chris,

    There are some very rare and very expensive soda bottles out there. I collect all manner of things, but old bottles- especially ACL's up to the '60's. Mountain Dew has some very expensive bottles. Ebay currently has a "Laughing pig" bottle for $2k. Not a "sold" listing.

    So the issue I'm having is that I cannot find another 9oz to compare! I've asked around many of the soda sites on FB, but nothing. I picked it up in some garage outside of Greenville, TN, along with a box of common 10oz bottles. Might be something, might be nothing. 🙂

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