Identify bottle

Last fall I was walking along the Mississippi River when it was extremely low. I found several bottles. One bottle was really different.

I found the company logo on the bottom. It’s a bottle made by Fairmount glass co. I have searched all over the internet and just can’t find this bottle. I contacted someone at the company via email. He said he wasn’t sure but thinking it was around 1940’s. The bottle has a design around the bottom but the interesting part of the bottle is there is a nurse and patient on it. If anyone can help me with the year, type of bottle and its value please let me know. I have included many different pictures. Thanks!


  • Interesting bottle, thanks for posting. Not much to go on except for the unusual shape. I would agree mid 20th century seems right for age.

    I might recommend Bing Image Search -

    For this search I would recommend getting a photo of the entire bottle straight on (not at an angle) with an entirely white background so the search picks up the outline of the shape. But try several different photos since even subtle differences yield different results.

    Good luck.

  • Looks like the makers mark is an F in a hex. Fairmount Glass Works/Company, Fairmount, Indiana (1889-1906) & Indianapolis, Indiana (c.1906-1968). 

    Might be a sauce or syrup bottle, the small opening leads me to believe its some kind of dasher bottle.

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