Huge Carboy (information needed)

Hey guys!

I want to show you my last Demijohn! Not sure if this is a demijohn or carboy but in my country this is called Damajuana (Demijohn)

I put an iphone 11 at the right side for size comparison. This is HUGE. It has a lot of bubbles. Unfortunately I didn't find any markings at the bottom, there is no seams either. The neck shows a kind of hand finished ring. Probably full handblown.

I have no idea what this was used for. In Panama these were imported from Europe by the catholic churches to transport the wine to the countryside churches (around 80-100 years ago). Farmers would borrow them from priests to store grains and preserve them.

I haven't seen any this big in the internet so far. any other information about similar ones will be very appreciated

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