Old bottle, bluish glass

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No marks. Measures 5 1/8" tall x 1 11/16" wide x 11/16" front to back. All four sides are concave, with the (front?) deeper concave. Side seams extend up to middle of neck. Holds approx a little over 6 tsp of fluid up to the shoulders. Limited number of tiny air bubbles in the glass. If it looks like the neck is crooked, it is.

Any ideas as to age? Thank you.


  • The bent neck of the bottle is a good sign.it us a attached neck.i love finding ones like that.the seam of the bottle will help u with age.you have a nice bottle .most likely the seem tells us its from about 1890s.with the attached neck.

  • Thanks for posting

    Very early 20th century. this rectangular body form was widely used for medicine but one also sees the type used for flavorings and extracts

    This picture below, from an eBay auction, shows a set of flavoring bottles. They are machine made so a bit later:

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