Date of this dark green bottle

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No seams, appears too perfect to be hand blown. Machine applied lip? Pontil Mark on bottom? My late

dad hand dug bottles, I have 1000 or so left. I'm trying to remember how he told me to date them!!!


  • Three bubbles, spun look in glass.

  • Thanks for posting the photos. The key to your bottle lies in one of your final words - "spun look"

    Your bottle was made in a "turn mold" so we can date it to (approximately) the second half of the 19th century. See this detailed, authoritative explanation of this technique:

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    Thanks, the pontil Mark means it was dip molded, correct? I'm still unsure of this processes date tho. This is so interesting! My father has every bottle marked with a number corresponding to what dump and the date he found them. His prize was a torpedo, and a codd in excellent condition. Thanks soooooo much for your response!!!

  • It is unlikely, at this late date, that your bottle was blown in a dip mold. There is no pontil mark [scar] on this bottle. Unless you see clear tool marks or other irregularities on the lip, the bottle appears to be machine-made. Resembles a 20th Century scotch whiskey bottle.

  • I should add that I see no indication that this bottle was turned in a mold. If it had been turned, the logo embossed on the bottom would have been smeared.

  • There is a point, pontil on the bottom, no embossing. Also shoulders have horizontal striations.

  • Definitely not a pontil mark.

    There is nothing on the base that would prevent this from being a turn mold - this is a classic example of the technique.

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