Cooper & Wood Manufacturer, Portobello - Bottle Shreds

Greetings all and best wishes to you for 2021.

Thank you for the opportunity to share on this site. In 2016 artifacts such as the one seen above were unearth at UTech, Jamaica (reference: Assessing the Impact of Human Remains and other Artifacts Recovered on the Caribbean Development Bank/University of Technology, Jamaica Enhancement Project. Journal of Arts, Science and Technology, Vol 9. 2016).

This artifact is a thick bottle with the imprint 'Cooper & Wood Manufacturer Portobello'. Naturally with no idea what that meant I started an internet search as I am working on displaying these artifacts virtually. I do hope that permission will be given to me to reference the information from your site such as the picture of what the original bottle looks like. Please note that the information source will be cited.


Joan Francis


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