Interesting old bottle. XVIII century? Chemist's shop?

Hello! I found this bottle in Lower Silesia, Poland. It looks very old, but is different from XVIII century bottles i have seen- it's too thic- arround 3,5 mm. Heigh- 9,5 cm. Do You have idea how old is it and what was used for?

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  • This cruet looks to me to be modern.

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    Thanks for answer! It was found near to town on old garbage disposal side that was used from XVII century to 1945, so i am pretty sure it is at least pre war. Also, look at heavily scratched bottom at photo nr. 3- it was intensively used for years.

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    I believe you have an oil lamp and feel strongly that it is 19th century. It's missing its metal collar. Here in the US you will find these referred to as "finger lamps" owing to their small size.

    Here is a picture of an American 19th century example:

  • Thank you very much Chris, thats interesting and probable information!

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